October 27, 2015

What does your checklist look like before you leave for a long trip? You’ll need to pack a bag, of course.  Don’t forget the snacks, and double-check to make sure you’ve got the passport or license. Oh, and don’t forget to download the latest episode of that podcast you love.


Podcasts, like Audio Books, have been around for many years. They are prolific; accessible from anywhere with phone service or an Internet connection. They update as frequently as every day and range from minutes to hours in length. The subject matter exists intentionally and completely in its own niche, captivating those with unique interests all over the world


“Podcasting is the fastest growing mode of entertainment with over 46 million Americans listening,” says Ryan Munsey, Chief Optimizer at Natural Stacks, a natural supplements company that delivers “optimal performance, zero compromise,” as well as a popular podcast called Optimal Performance, which Munsey hosts. Munsey is a native of Roanoke and is the owner of House of Strength gym.


“It's a great way to expand your audience, engage with active customer base and provide continuing education on topics your customers care about,” says Munsey, who records this podcast out of Oration Recording at the CoLab, where he is a long-standing member.


Patrick Kelly, host and producer of Blue Peg, Pink Peg, explains, “We started our podcast in order become more engaged within the board gaming community...Our podcast has helped us make vital industry connections, take advantage of rare opportunities, and carve out a reputation as a trusted voice.”


Kelly, who has produced and hosted this podcast since July, 2013, knows the importance of being a trusted voice. Listening to a podcast is an intimate experience for the listener. He or she is generally alone and feels very committed or close to the hosts. The subject matter is also likely near and dear to the listener. There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts available for download, so the listener need not compromise on his or her podcast desires.


“Our listeners become and remain engaged with us - and one another,” says Kelly, demonstrating one of the many ways that podcasts work to promote and strengthen the target industry.


One trait that characterizes millennials and Generation Z’rs is their ability to discover their niche community, regardless of physical location. Podcasts are one way that businesses and community developers are able to tap into those communities, by providing valuable, fresh content that increases awareness through education, humor and storytelling.


At the CoLab, we have a front-row seat for this emerging and exciting medium. Oration Recording, founded and managed by Eddy Communications and housed at the CoLab, is helping to produce podcasts like Optimal Performance, mentioned above, and “The TOP,” founded by Heyo CEO Nathan Latka, which was listed as a top 10 Business podcast by Inc. Magazine.


In summary, podcasting is what you make it. By combining valuable content with expert production, plus targeted promotion to the right audience, you can make a more meaningful connection with your target demographic.



Optimal Performance

Oration Recording

Eddy Communications

Blue Peg, Pink Peg


Inc Magazine Article

Originally published in Valley Business Front Magazine.


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